Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs Free Download

Free Download Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs
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Title: Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs

Genre: Casual


Sigyaad Team


Sigyaad Team

Release Date: 10 Feb, 2020

About This Game

This is a unofficial fangame of the Touhou Project series. Please support the official releases, some of which are available on Steam!

After being lectured by the Yama for being too cold to humans, Sakuya Izayoi decides to change her ways and show her warmth and kindness towards them. With the help of her friends, she’s transported into your mind as you fall asleep into a comfy beach scene.

“This is your personal area. You can come back here anytime you want, no matter what.”

Enjoy an atmospheric scene with Sakuya as she gives you insight and advice into your troubles, whether you’re feeling sad, depressed or anxious, Sakuya has some advice and strategies for you to try out. If nothing else, she’s got a surprise move for you that’s sure to cheer you up! Features very cute ZUN-styled art, an ambient beach scene and practical advice and strategies to help you overcome your troubles.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 or above
    • Processor: Dual Core Intel or AMD CPU
    • Graphics: Integrated HD Graphics

How To Download and install Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs

– Download the installer using the download link
– Then run the“.exe“and start to install the game
– During the installation, follow the instructions
– The game starts to download and install automatically.
– Wait until the installation is complete
– Play it!